Traditional Storytelling in a Digital World


"Our lives are defined by the stories we tell, and we tell great stories."


JLB Hart Media is a full service digital media company focused on telling meaningful stories through creative strategy, engaging content development and branded community building.


Our services stretch from concept development and content creation to production and delivery. With our eye firmly focused on our client’s objectives, we create digital strategies and carefully crafted content that tell pervasive, authentic stories for brands and entertainment properties of all shapes and sizes.



Good consultants can help get your company to where it needs to be without breaking the bank.

Media Strategy


A strategy is a roadmap designed for you and your team to get the most out of your marketing and business development.



What story is your brand conveying to the world. Let us help you crate a cohesive narrative acrosss your digital platforms.



35 S. Broadway, K-2

Irvington, NY 10533


T: 914-231-5471


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